Founded 30 March 1996 at the Hula Hut restaurant, Austin, Texas,
by Davids Cannatella, Hillis, Maddison, and Swofford (in spirit), with help from friends

Welcome to the home page of G.O.D.D.S.!

Junior Synonyms

Alternative names of our group include:


Seeing as how all of us have the name David, social events of G.O.D.D.S. can be rather confusing, nomenclatorially speaking, with so many homonyms. Some of us have taken on nicknames:



David Cannatella


David Hillis

David Maddison

Nickname when programming:
(The systematist formerly known as )

Nickname when inferring phylogenies:
(The systematist formerly known as )


David Swofford


Davids who wished they were systematists


Systematists who wished they were called David

Most prominent in this group are the Michaels:

Systematists who might have been called David if they had been born 10 minutes earlier

Wayne Maddison


Coming soon

Secret decoder rings, action figures, T-shirts...